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Why do you run the internship under the Equality Act?

The Pearson Internship Programme UK is a positive action programme run under the Equality Act 2010, to enable us to offer training opportunities to candidates from BAME (Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic) backgrounds and to graduates with disablities, who are under-represented within our business and in our industries.

Why are only final year students and graduates eligible to apply?

The programme is aimed at addressing under-representation; recruiting final year students and graduates means they are able to enter into permanent roles should the opportunity arise.

Are postgraduate students eligible to apply?

Yes. All postgraduate students must have completed their studies before the internship commences.

If I am in the process of studying for my postgraduate degree can I apply?

No. Students who have just begun their studies or are in the process of studying are not eligible to apply for the programme. The programme is aimed at addressing under representation; recruiting final year students and graduates means they are able to enter into permanent roles should the opportunity arise.

Dates, time and location

Where are the internships based?

Interns working in School and Higher Education will be placed in London, Harlow or Oxford. Pearson VUE (Professional) hosts interns in both Manchester, London and Warrington. Interns working at the Financial Times (Professional) will be based at the FT's headquarters in London and Hammersmith.

When does the internship begin?

The internship programme begins on Monday 29th September 2014.

When does the internship end?

The internship programme ends on Friday 19th December 2014.

Application Process

How many graduates does Pearson recruit?


When can I apply?

We begin accepting applications for the 2014 internship programme from 9th June 2014. Applications close at 5pm on Friday 25th July 2014.

What happens after I have submitted my application?

You will receive an email notification to acknowledge your application. We then assess each applicant and narrow the pool down to the best applicants; a selection of the best applications is sent to managers, based on their recruiting criteria. The managers then select candidates for interview. Shortlisted candidates may also have to attend an assessment centre as part of their recruitment process. Following interviews, candidates are notified if they are successful or unsuccessful by the recruiting manager.

Do you pay travel expenses for interviews?

No. We do not cover travel expenses for interviews.

Can I apply for more than one line of business?

No. You can apply for only one role within one line of business; but you can indicate your interest in being placed in other areas outside of your first preference in your application cover sheet and cover letter - saying where you would like to be placed and why.

Can I send a postal application?

No. All applications must be made electronically

What should I do if I have a disability that may affect my performance at any stage of the recruitment process?

Pearson is committed to equal opportunity in employment. We will make reasonable adjustments to the selection and application process where necessary. If you think you have a disability that may impact on your performance or opportunity, anywhere in the selection or application process, please contact us at: to discuss your personal circumstances.

Pay and Benefits

How much does the internship pay?

The internship programme is paid at a rate of £1,430 gross per calendar month, in line with the London Living Wage. There is also a holiday entitlement of 6 days and a full training and development programme.

The Internship Experience

What happens during the internship?

During the three month programme, candidates are located within one department (e.g. finance) and carry out a business project within that team. There are opportunities to learn about other departments, however, candidates are usually based within one department for the duration of the programme.

What is expected of interns on the programme?

We expect commitment, good time management, ambition, and a friendly attitude from all our interns. We do our very best to make this a great experience and we hope that you value the opportunity to gain a unique insight into our business.

Can I complete an internship in more than one area of business?

No. Candidates remain in one area of the business for the duration of the internship; however, opportunities to visit other departments and shadow particular roles can be arranged.

Can I do the internship for longer than three months?

Occasionally interns are able to continue the internship for longer than the three month period, however, this is a decision taken by the supervising manager and based on individual performance on the programme.

Is there a possibility of a job after the internship?

Whilst we aim to retain interns, we cannot guarantee a job at the end of the internship. However, we place a great emphasis on encouraging participants to apply for positions within Pearson, and provide on-going support during and after the internship.

If you have any unanswered queries please contact us at:

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